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Come aboard one of our MSC Northern Europe cruises and uncover the treasures that can be found in the British Isles, Scandinavian coasts or Baltic seas and experience Europe like you have always imagined it.

Start your Polar, Scandinavian or Baltic cruises from the United Kingdom and visit enchanting coastal towns and cities in countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Iceland. From bustling cities like Copenhagen, Tallin or Hamburg, to the beautiful fjords or the picturesque coasts, Northern European cruises have it all.

Northern Europe is distinctly different from any other part of the continent. This is because its ancient settlements combine the essence of their culture with the modern features of today. Scandinavian cruises will show you beautiful locations such as Stockholm, Bergen or Oslo. You will be able to visit gorgeous buildings such as the Akershus Fortress or take a stroll around Frogner Park, and we cannot forget the avant-garde building of the Oslo Opera House, located on the harbor. 

A Nordic cruise can take you to the bustling city of Copenhagen, with the famous Little Mermaid statue, or to Stockholm, home of the Drottningholm Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are a nature-lover, then this is the cruise for you: MSC Baltic cruises will show you the best of the northern coasts, including the stunning Norwegian fjords, the rugged North Atlantic islands such as Svalbard, or experience a unique and breathtaking Northern Lights cruise. Discover also our Artic cruises and get a rare opportunity to visit Iceland and Greenland. Whether you are planning a trip with friends or family or going on a couple’s getaway, treat yourself to a Baltic cruise in 2023 or a Scandinavian cruise in 2023 and see Europe from a new perspective.

Northern Europe Countries

Have you dreamed of seeing the Norwegian fjords in real life? Are you intrigued by the volcanic wonders of Iceland? Choose a Scandinavian cruise and travel to Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland and discover how these countries mix modern lifestyles with centuries of history and culture. You will be able to not only learn about it but experience it up close during trips and excursions, either to capital cities like Oslo, Stockholm or Reykjavik, but also to smaller towns such as Trondheim in Norway, or Akureyri in Iceland. No matter where you’d like to go in Northern Europe, we can take you there.

Or choose an MSC Northern Europe cruise and experience all the North Atlantic has to offer: from France (La Rochelle) and the United Kingdom (Southampton or Edinburgh) all the way to Greenland (Oaqortoq, Nuuk or Ilulissat), passing through the Baltic Sea to Estonia (Tallin) or Finland (Helsinki, Hamina/Kotka), among many others.

UK Cruises

How well do you know the United Kingdom? If you need a plan for your 2023 vacation, there are many hidden treasures within Great Britain and Ireland, the only thing you need to do is jump on an MSC cruise around the UK and discover these local attractions.
The ports for the British Isles cruises act as gateways to other cities and you can even book a Norway fjords cruise or other Norway cruises in 2023. For starters, you could begin your cruise from Southampton, a port city that has always been a bright spot for cultural exchange. Why not take a stroll down its medieval town walls?
During a stop at South Queensferry in Edinburgh, marvel at the beauty of this city. Visit the castle for a look at the Scottish crown jewels or amble down the Royal Mile for a bit of shopping or a cup of tea. If you are lucky, you might get to experience –or hear—the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Art Festival or the International Book Festival.
If you wish for a bit of luck on the Emerald Isle, you can stop off at the ports in Cork or Ringaskiddy in the Republic of Ireland.
Discover so much more with a cruise around the British Isles in the summer!

UK Cruises

Cruise from Southampton, United Kingdom | MSC Cruises

Norway Cruises

Did you know that the Vikings main mode of transportation was a ship? They used them to go from one fjord to another. You can do the same with an MSC Norwegian fjords cruise that will show you some of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Discover two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Geirangerfjord (Hellesylt) and the Nærøyfjord (Flaam), a stunning landscape that you will only be able to see in Norway, so hop on an MSC fjord cruise and enjoy these natural wonders, whether you are taking a trip with friends, a family vacation or going on a couple’s getaway. You will be able to visit fjords such as Geirangerfjord and the Naerøyfjord and soak up the natural beauty of these formations.
Another prime example of incredible natural formations you can enjoy in Norway is the enormous Briksdal Glacier, near Olden’s port. There you can visit the picturesque houses or go for a hike around the Jostedalsbreen National Park.
You can visit even more locations during an MSC Norway cruise such as: Maloy, Stavanger or Alesund in the South; and Tromso, Alta in the far North. Find the perfect Norwegian cruise for your next vacation with MSC cruises!

Norway Cruises

Flaam, Norway | MSC Cruises

Baltic Cruises

Are you intrigued by the wonders of the Baltic Sea? Discover them with an MSC Baltic cruise this 2023 and spend your summer exploring Sweden, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and much more.
Tallin is the capital city of Estonia. There you can stroll down its cobbled streets, explore its medieval walls, Gothic churches, squares and more. You can also book an MSC cruise excursion to visit the Toompea Castle and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, two of the city’s most impressive buildings. Other capital cities included in an MSC Baltic cruise are Riga, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Helsinki, an up-and-coming destination where you can explore Suomenlinna, an 18th century fortress that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If UNESCO World Heritage Sites do intrigue you, or you simply appreciate history and culture, choose a Baltic cruise and enjoy the beauty of Visby, on the island of Gotland. You will be charmed by Visby’s botanical gardens and its beautiful medieval town center. Don’t forget to visit the 12th century St. Mary’s Cathedral.
There is much more to see and more hidden gems to discover in Northern Europe! What are you waiting for?

Baltic Cruises

Cruise to Tallinn, Estonia | MSC Cruises

Northern Europe Cruise Deals

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of finding the best MSC Baltic and Northern Europe cruise deals and treat yourself to a great vacation this summer. Soak up the culture of the Northern European countries and uncover amazing hidden treasures along the North Atlantic.

Find your last-minute Baltic or Scandinavian cruise deals and let MSC take you to wonderful locations such as Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin or Riga. Or if you're looking for a last minute Scandinavian cruise, we've got you covered. Riga is a cosmopolitan city which combines Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture, with the old town being the perfect place to sit at a café and savor the view and hustle and bustle around you.

Not only does MSC offer the best Baltic Sea cruise deals, we can also offer you all inclusive Scandinavian cruises. Our Northern Europe cruises will take you around the Norwegian fjords, Iceland’s volcanic wonders or Greenland’s fascinating landscapes. Whether you are planning a trip with friends or a family vacation or a getaway for couples, we have all you need: aboard our ships you won’t simply discover new locations, you will experience them.

Northern Europe ports

MSC offers a wide range of docking points for your Northern European cruise. Some are embarkation points and others are ports of call, so you can pick the one that will best suit you to start from, and then which ones you will want to visit during your vacation. Start your trip in the south of the UK, with cruises from Southampton and enjoy your MSC Baltic, Fjords or European Atlantic cruises. We also stop at ports in Ireland, such as Cork, or in the Netherlands, for example in Rotterdam, from where we also organize shorter cruises.

If you’d prefer to begin your adventure elsewhere, there are ports located across Northern Europe, so you could get your trip started in France, choosing a cruise from Le Havre port, which is near cities such as Paris, Cherbourg or in the Netherlands, opting for a cruise from near Amsterdam. You could also hop aboard your cruise in German ports such as Hamburg or Kiel (near Lübeck) or Warnemünde.

There are many other different options spread across the Atlantic such as Rotterdam or Copenhagen. Choose MSC Cruises, and book and unforgettable experience exploring the north of Europe.

Cruise from Southampton, United Kingdom | MSC Cruises


Are you ready for a new adventure from the UK? Southampton’s bustling port is the perfect place from where you can discover the beauty of the North Atlantic. Hop onto an MSC cruise ship and explore Northern Europe gems in France, the Netherlands, Norway or Denmark. Find the right itinerary for your trip and explore cities like Bruges, Helsinki or Stockholm, among others.

Come aboard a Northern European cruise at Southampton and enjoy yourself. Once aboard, you’ll be able to visit many European cities. When stopping in Copenhagen, you may book an excursion from those available. You can do the same at ports in Germany, the Netherlands or France. 

Copenhagen, Denmark | MSC Cruises


Begin your MSC Northern Europe cruise in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. This lively city is known for its colorful houses, art and cuisine. Did you know Copenhagen has Michelin-star restaurants? You can discover them during your visit while the cruise ship is docked there.

Take a stroll and enjoy the sights of the Øresund strait, or book MSC excursions to see the impressive Christiansborg Palace. Enjoy a scenic river cruise from MSC or enjoy the exciting Tivoli Gardens, the perfect place to spend an afternoon with family or friends. Hop aboard an MSC Baltic cruise at Copenhagen and discover other port cities in Estonia, Sweden and Finland.

reykjavík, Reykjavík, Travel,


Reykjavik is known as the city of spas. With an Iceland cruise, you can marvel at its craters, volcanos, and caves. The piers along the shore host a variety of shops, live music clubs and bars and cafés. Take a stroll up to Lækjartorg to admire the Sófar, also known as the Sun Voyager, a huge modern steel sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. It represents an old Viking vessel, with the bow of the ship pointing north.

As you will see during your MSC cruise of Northern Europe, Iceland is full of geothermal energy, hot springs, spas and gorgeous skies. Summer is the best season to enjoy a spectacular sunset and admire Reykjavik in the waters of its bay. 



Where do you go on a Scandinavian cruise?

MSC Northern Europe cruises branch off into different areas. You can start further north on the Scandinavian Peninsula and choose a cruise to visit Iceland, Greenland or Norway, where you will be able to see the majestic fjords.

And then there is the Baltic Sea, located between mainland Europe and Scandinavian and Jutland Peninsulas. On the west, the countries you can visit there are Sweden and Denmark, and on the east, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Explore the Scandinavian Peninsula, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with MSC and discover its hidden gems on your next vacation. What are you waiting for?

Can you cruise to Iceland?

Our Northern Europe cruises have stops at Icelandic ports such as Reykjavik and Akureyri, where you can dock and experience the beauty of this unique country.

When you set sail for your Iceland stopover and first dock in Reykjavik, don’t miss an excursion to Þingvellir National Park where you can see Iceland’s largest lake or head southeast on the island and to find Strokkur, the only regularly erupting geyser. In Akureyri, you can choose excursions such as Godafoss, a waterfall approximately 40 feet tall, the pseudo-craters of Skutustaðir, and Dimmurborgir, an incredible labyrinth of lava.

From waterfalls to craters and geysers, it has something for everyone. Explore beyond Scandinavia with an Iceland stopover on an MSC cruise!

How much does a Baltic cruise cost?

There’s a Baltic cruise waiting for you, independently of your budget. MSC cruises offer a wide range and selection of experiences, which will determine the overall price. Factors to consider are different cabin types and accommodation preferences, the excursions you book, as well as the numerous on-board services and experiences we offer.

The earlier you book your cruise, the better the price you will find. Although, you can also take advantage of our special promotions available at different times throughout the year. You can also come across a bargain through our flash sales and last-minute deals. What are you waiting for?

Can you see the Northern Lights on a Baltic cruise?

The Arctic viewing season for the Northern Lights on a Baltic cruise is from late September to late March or early April. However, the best months to view the Northern Lights are December through March, when skies are darkest due to the darker winter days and the higher probability of clear skies.

Keep in mind that while it is possible to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis in places like southern Finland, you will have a much better chance if you choose a cruise that travels farther north into Scandinavia.

What is the best time to go on a Baltic cruise?

The Baltic Sea is characterized by seasonality. That is to say there is a large difference in the weather depending on the month. Winters are long, cold and dark, while summers are short and relatively warm. Although, you can still experience some weather changes and spots of showers on a Baltic cruise in the summer.

Because the Baltic Sea is located between the cooler winds of the North Atlantic and the harsher continental European climate, conditions and temperatures can vary greatly throughout the year. This means summers can be warm and relatively dry, with some chances of precipitation.

MSC cruises go to the Baltics when the weather is best, although you should take into consideration how variable the conditions can be when packing your suitcases. Discover a unique part of Europe with MSC and find your Baltic cruise for the summer!

What do you wear on a Baltic cruise?

The best time to go on a Baltic cruise is in the late spring or summer, seasons when the temperatures range between 53ºF and 72ºF. With such a temperature range as that, you will be able to wear anything from shorts and a T-shirt to jeans with a hoodie or windbreaker. We recommend you choose a varied wardrobe and add plenty of layers to your outfits for your cruise, just in case. Also, even though the precipitation rates are lower in May, June and July, we would still advise you to pack a rain jacket along with you, because you might encounter light showers during your cruise.

Another detail you might want to consider that the Baltic States experience long daylight hours, especially during the months of May, June, July and August. So, remember to pack your sleep mask if you think you’ll need it. Go on an incredible adventure with an MSC Baltic cruise.